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Full Stack Software Engineer
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Programming with an interest in business on the side.


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With an interest in markets and hard-earned skills in coding, I build projects with readable code made to benefit the user.


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Web Development

I create web apps in pursuit of aesthetic and performance excellence.

Front-end Technologies

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), Bootstrap, React, React-Redux, Vue.

Back-end Technologies

Node.js, Express, MySQL, Firebase, REST APIs.

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Back-end Development

I create back-end servers to handle data in an efficient and easy-to-read layout.

Back-end Technologies

Python, Flask, more Node.js, more MySQL, and creation of REST APIs to serve data.

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Miscellaneous Development Skills

Ask me to deploy your website, including its backend, to DigitalOcean using Nginx.

DevOps Technologies

Linux, DigitalOcean, Nginx and WSGI.


GitHub Image Link:
Indeed Scraper AKA Coder Job Market
Live Site: Coder Job Market

Tools used: Python (Flask), MySQL, React, JavaScript

GitHub Image Link:
Reddit Wallpapers App

Tools used: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Reddit's API

GitHub Image Link:
Sales Funnel Builder

Tools used: React, React-Redux, React Router

GitHub Image Link:
Breweries Map
Live Site: Breweries Map

Tools used: JavaScript, the Breweries API, the OpenMaps API

GitHub Image Link:
ASCII Pathfinding Visualizer

Tools used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Dijkstra's Algorithm, Maze Generation Algorithms


Instagram @rolypolyistaken
GitHub @plutownium